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Kelly Project Management (KPM) is a Muskoka build and design company with a unique approach. Our processes are carefully structured to cater to clients who want to be closely involved with the design and construction of their project. 
Some people do want to simply hire a company to construct or renovate their cottage or home and prefer to be hands-off during the process, but this is not our typical client. For our part, we enjoy the collaborative and creative nature of working closely with our clients and find great satisfaction in the mutual respect that comes with a great client-builder relationship.

When dealing with brothers William and Simon, you are working directly with company ownership: there are no tiers of administration or outsourced project management. This means that KPM clientele can be directly involved in the decisions, progress, and details of their project.
Simon and William are experienced, multifaceted carpenters by trade. Their background in framing, finishing carpentry, structural steel construction, and materials and project logistics provide a solid backing for every project. We are also proud to employ a dedicated team of longstanding, seasoned framers, carpenters, project managers, and machine operators who, from project concept to completion, are dedicated to client satisfaction.
The key to an exceptional, successful build is a two-fold approach, lying not only in project management and clear, constant communication with our clients, but also in the integrity and intention of the carpenters and tradespeople who together bring the project to life. At KPM, we aim to produce just a handful of projects every year, utilizing our crew of 12 skilled and dedicated team members.

We work hard to retain our carpenters because we fundamentally respect their skills and commitment. We know that a major component of our success lies in their capability and efforts. Every member of our team is keenly aware of the relationship between the quality of our work, the satisfaction of our clients, and long-term success and viability of our company We believe in our team members, and they believe in the integrity and honesty underlying our client relationships. 
Our company is small by design because, fundamentally, we care about the details of the construction and management processes that make or break a project. When we started in the industry so many years ago, we wanted to distinguish ourselves by offering value at every step of the process. For that reason, Simon and William are on every KPM project, every day. With every project, we want the best possible finished product and the happiest, most satisfied clients. Our ambition since day one has been to build quality, not quantity. This is our mantra, and it’s not advertising but word of mouth on the dock or at the golf club that has always kept our schedule full.

Our involvement in your project can begin at step one, advising on lot selection and helping to secure the right property to meet your vision. From there, we work together on the positioning of the cottage or home design to get the most out of the property’s natural topography, exposure, and environmental attributes.

From design and permitting right through to turning the key, the team at KPM is ready and eager to collaborate with you every step of the way. 

When you’re ready to begin, Kelly Project Management will be there to help you through every step in the process of making your dream a reality. The way we see it, it’s our job to build an exceptional structure and ensure an enjoyable experience for our clients on each and every project.

So, tell us. How can we help you?

William and Simon Kelly

Here is a quick overview of how our team can work with you:

  • We will get as involved as you want us to be.

  • We tend to take on a lot of our projects at the design stage.

  • We work closely with the designers and make sure all the details are looked at. We then get our sub trades involved and start putting together a plan and a timeline as to when everyone can get started.

  • We want to get the subtrades involved early so that we can make sure if there are areas that need to pay attention to for ease of mechanical, plumbing, electrical, etc. We have hand picked our sub trades based on their ability to perform at the highest level with the utmost quality. We stand behind them and believe in the product there are providing.

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